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Wet Tiger

Wes got some free tickets to Zoo Atlanta, so he and I went on Sunday to check out the animals. I don't think I had been to Zoo Atlanta since elementary school*, so it was a good time to check it out again. I have begun experimenting with touchups to make photos more punchy, but I've always despised photoblogs whose work is always overprocessed, so I'm trying to keep it tactful. You can hover over the following text to view the original.

*...with the exception of a visit back in 2006 to shoot an AOE formal that was held in the evening, after the main parts of the zoo were closed.


  • Smitha
  • August 1, 2009
  • 9:14 am
There, see, you got a comment on the tiger photo! I really like this--I just have been too busy to comment on much of anything lately.
I like the changes-- but I still think green is a little too high here. Maybe it's my monitor as I haven't calibrated in a while.
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