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Milky Way

Here's the view of the Milky Way near Lake Powell. We drove from our hotel in Page, AZ to find a dark spot to watch the stars along Lone Rock Rd. The best spot seemed to be the parking lot of a National Park that was closed for the evening. Though we were able to stargaze for a few minutes, a park ranger made his way up from the lake far below to meet us at the parking lot. While he kindly informed us that the park was closed except to campers, I noticed a few gnats buzzing around me. The park ranger left and we climbed back into the car to discover that he had brought with him hundreds of gnats from the lake below. The gnats had managed to follow his slow four-wheeler as he drove from the lake, then found a new group of people and lights to attach themselves to.

It was a mess. The gnats filled the car, infiltrating the dome lights only to die in the coming days, roasting in the back windows, on the dashboard, and everywhere between. I probably squished 20 or so on the windshield as we drove north in the coming days.

But hey, the stars were incredible! I suppose I'll take gnats over a snake any day.

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