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Brisling Experiment

After watching the recent Good Eats episode about Alton's weight loss, I decided to try his Sardine Toast recipe. I try to be open to new foods, and I like to think that I'll eat anything [edible and safe] once, so it didn't take much to convince myself to try sardines. Alton does a good job of dismissing the common opinion of the tiny fish-based foodstuff, but I still had a hard time finding someone to try it with me. Julia took the leap, and the two of us tried it out.

The results? Mixed. The flavor was actually not as strong as I'd expected; it's a lot like canned tuna. There are, however, two negatives. First, sardines look pretty weird. They're shiny, and "shiny" isn't typically an adjective I like to use to describe my food. This problem can mostly be circumvented by repeated mashing, which yields something even closer to canned tuna. Second, my breath smelled like fish (to me, at least) for the rest of the evening, even though I ate several other things, and that problem is harder to ignore. All-in-all, I'd certainly be willing to sardines them again, but my preference is for larger fish that can be made to look like something other than whole fish.

I decided against showing the actual toast, since it looks pretty disgusting. Instead, here's a nice picture of the mushed-up avocados we used as part of the recipe.

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