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Soldier of Fortune 2 Name Colors

  • December 20, 2003
  • 12:00 pm
  • Tags: games, SoF2
This episode of Super Secret Saturday is for Soldier of Fortune 2 players. I've looked all over Google for "sof2 name colors" and "color codes", but I never found a good, comprehensive list of the colors that you can use in names, binds, and other in-game text.

I collected the colors by entering groups of codes in the console (as many as would fit on a line) and saving screenshots, then copying the colors in PS7. I have omitted the caret (^) itself because it's very difficult to use as a color.

SoF2 colors
(Click to enlarge)

The same color chart, sorted by hue:

SoF2 colors by hue
(Click to enlarge)

You can use these colors by entering ^x, where x is the character shown in the color chart. Thus, if you wanted your name to look like this:


you would enter:


Notice that if you enter these color codes in the main game options, the caret (^) symbol doesn't actually appear when you type it, nor does the digit that follows it. However, they're still there. When you backspace over the area that has the color code, it'll take two more backspaces to zap it. Since the codes aren't visible, it can be confusing to use them, but if you mess up and can't figure out what's going on, just start from scratch by erasing the whole box. Alternatively, you can find the config file that contains your name and enter it manually using a normal text editor.

As far as I know, this well-known "trick" works on any games that use the Quake 3 engine, but only the first row of colors (the numerals) is the same in all Quake 3-based games.

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