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VMware Remote Console Disconnect

I use VMware at work to administer a virtual server, and when the screen changes dramatically such that a large refresh is required, I get bumped offline with the error "The connection with the remote virtual machine has been lost. This application will terminate." Apparently this occurs due to an oversaturation of network resources required to send a large amount of graphics data to redraw the screen (particularly when logging off causes the fade-out effect in Windows or Linux). The solution is to disable a certain type of caching.


  1. Shutdown the virtual machine (VM) and login to the management user interface (MUI) of the server
  2. In the status monitor, click display name of the VM to "fix"
  3. Click the "Options" tab
  4. Under "Verbose Options," select "click here..."
  5. Click "Add..." (This is grayed if you didn't shutdown the virtual machine. Do so if you haven't)
  6. Enter the name "mks.ipc.maxBufferedBytes" and the value "0"
  7. Click "Add..." again
  8. Enter the name "mks.ipc.maxBufferedPackets" and the value "0"
  9. Accept the changes in each dialog ("OK")

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