Weblog Archives: August 2009

Canon Model-Numbering Heuristic

Here's a guide explaining how to decode Canon's numbering scheme. First, pick any two Canon DSLR cameras. Use the official model numbers, not the regional names (Rebel, Kiss, etc.). With model numbers in hand, follow each step until the two cameras differ. The better/worse designation at that step will distinguish the two cameras.

1. First, is it a "1"? If so, it's better. Skip to step 5.
2. Does it start with a letter? If so, it's really old and it's worse. Skip to step 4.
3. More digits in main number = worse.
4. Higher numeric value = better.
5. More letters/numbers after the main number = better.

There ya go. Can anyone think of a model that doesn't match this heuristic?

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