Wayne Clough is Leaving Tech!

*tear* !

G-Wayne has been our President for more than thirteen years (according to his Wikipedia entry), and today he announced that he will be stepping down to become the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Of course I assumed this was an important role (it's capitalized, after all), but then Jennifer pointed out an article on the New York Times website that reveals it's the head honcho role. I love visiting the various Smithsonian museums in DC, so now I can think of Clough when I'm there. I'm very happy for this opportunity, but sad to see him leave Georgia Tech.

I saw a lot of amazing developments during my time at Tech, and I know that there are still many projects in progress that can be credited to Clough. Almost the entirety of Tech Square was built during my 6-year tenure as a student, as well as the CRC, and the Klaus, Whitaker, Ford ES&T, Petit, Love, MDRC, and Molecular Science buildings. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. We complain about construction on campus, but we've seen incredible growth and the construction is a pretty good indicator of progress being made.

Have a drink for Clough and toast to his future success at the Smithsonian. Here's also hoping that Tech can find someone of like talent to fill his rather sizeable shoes.

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